Why knowing human nature is very important aspect in our life?

We are familiar with one sentence that “First Impression is Last Impression” right? I want to know, how many of you think that this is true? Even I agree with this. I tried to present this in a simple way so that it is easy for the viewers to know why human nature is playing an important role in our life. As we meet new people in our different stages of life, for e.g, you joined a new job and you got connected with new people so that time the…

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Role Model – A Human version of success

Role Model

Coming down to the new topic: Role Model,These days I have noticed that children are blindly following their role models and yes it is a good thing. With the increasing trends of technology children are seeking for the successful people then they peep into their lifestyle, success stories etc and they are trying to follow that, because from them they can learn many things. Children grow according to the age and their minds are getting developed according to the surrounding atmosphere. Obviously parents always move forward to teach the moral…

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Helping Hand to your dream job!

Dream Job

When we read the word Interview fear make its way to our mind that how we will face the interview. It’s not possible to answer all the questions in the interview. But yes it is possible to go for the interview with the strong sense of Mind of what questions will be asked and how we will approach every single question…! I have made some checkpoints, I hope it will help you to go for an interview with a strong positive attitude. 1. Research work about Job A very important…

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FearFree Risk leads to ultimate success

Fearfree risk

Fear is like a pair of scissors it cuts down our inner peace and change the way of living. It has a strong impact on our Mind and Body. We always try to change the mind by adapting a positive attitude. The happiness we feel when we are with our loved ones, the beauty we see in nature, the feeling we share in a better situation. On the positive side, fear has good effect because we get to know the things we love and the people we wanna have in…

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I observed that everyone is running behind success and they talk about the goal setting but they don’t know one important decision can change the way of living. In this world, people are trying to read a book so that they can pay proper attention to respect and love. Personally I can tell you that you can’t buy motivation you have to work hard to inspire people and motivate them.For that,strong decision power is a must to set the goal. With one set of strong decision you can change your…

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