Manage Your Anger To Manage Your Life.

Frustration And Anger, Do we know how to manage it? If we research this, we will get many books that are easily available in the market that deals with anger. Here, I want to tell you about my point of view, Anger will damage us more and more if we compare to other people. In today’s life what we are doing is, without thinking we are taking actions to the scenario. Life always gives us the choice to become happy such as, if we want to do something great in our life then we put all our efforts to become successful. All we need is a continuous effort to do something.

Manage Your AngerLet’s check out some points to deal with Anger so that we can stay happy in our entire life.

Suppose we had a fight with someone or we are angry with that person, instead of reacting instantly we should stay calm and don’t react at that time, wait for a few minutes then respond. We know we can’t control but we have to. At that time thoughts running in our mind that let’s do Tit For Tat because we think this gives us the satisfaction that we replied instantly to that person. Take it for granted and wait for 24 hours and do what you think fit.

When we feel angry because the work that we were trying to do is not done so we feel angry and frustrated, think and wait and then plan to react. Remember the most memorable days of your life, remember the day when we enjoyed our work with satisfaction. We will feel calm trust me try this thing. Slowly your anger will calm down.

Wait and Think is the most important way to control your anger. Do you don’t want to hear anything from the opponent before taking action?

Manage Your Anger

If the person to whom we are angry is completely guilty, there are too many ways to give him/her a punishment. Ignore that person for some time and don’t speak with him/her. Analyze the situation if that person understood our behaviors and he/she agrees that they will not do mistakes again then accept it and confirm not to repeat.

We are from a reputable Family. A reacting like Anger, Shouting, etc will harm our reputation and social presence. Our society will stay away from us.

We are angry with someone and the person is the guilt we should forgive him/her because our rude behavior might cost the end of the relationship with the person.

Once we are angry we don’t think of someone else and in that anger, we will face many complications like police complaint and legal suits, etc.

Nowadays health is very important for us, the concerned person with whom you are talking with anger having some health issues like Blood Pressure or depression. Forgive him. Your reply in Anger may harm his/her health.

You understand when you are angry and energized, your heart and breath run quicker. Profound breathing encourages a great deal to control anger. Breathe in slowly requires significant time and breath out more slowly taking more time. Meditation will help us to control our anger.
If we need quick results from anger one glass of water can do magic.

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  1. Nkem

    I think it’s very important to focus on anger as a topic – it controls so many people, but we often see it as a bad thing. It can also be seen as an indicator for other things we need to explore!

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